Frequently Asked Questions Photo booth Rental

  • Why should I get a photo booth for my wedding or Special Event?

    To answer that question, consider this thought: your wedding is a special day. Not only is it a day where two individuals are joined together as one, but it is a day where two separate families, two communities of friends, are brought together. Many of them, you will not see again for months or even years. And chances are, you will never again have this opportunity where all these loved ones are gathered together to focus in on you and to celebrate withyou.

    The question then is, don’t you want to have something to remember them by? In 30 years, when signatures in a guest book become just a list of names, when the details of decorations, venues, menus, etc, have all but faded from your mind, wouldn’t you like to be able to remember (and even visualize!) one of the most important parts of your wedding day–the family and friends who came out to support and celebrate with you?

    For us and our wedding, the answers to those questions were a resounding ‘yes!’ And we have a feeling the same might hold true for you too!

  • How long does it take to set-up?

    It takes us about 45 minutes to get everything set up and tested (and roughly the same to pack up). We always make sure everything is perfectly ready before call time. So please note that we’ll need access to your venue about an hour in advance of the start time.

    Also, please note that setup & teardown time does NOT come out of the time included in your packages. If you request our 3-hour package, you will get 3 full hours of photobooth fun! So as an example (just to be crystal clear), if you have us for 3 hours, from 6-9, we’ll arrive at 5 for setup, begin service at 6, shut down at 9, cleanup and be out of there by 10.

  • Do I need to provide or do anything for the photo booth?

    Our needs are really simple! We just need space, a single available outlet, and two chairs! For those requesting our Scrapbooking package, we’ll also need a table (any size) for the scrapbook station. We’ll also ask you to provide a custom logo/monogram for the printouts (more on that a couple questions down). That’s it

  • How much space do you need to set up your photo booth?

    We’ll take as much space as you can give us! At a minimum though, we’ll need an 8 ft x 10 ft space set aside to fit everything in. Unlike traditional photobooths, our setup is complete with professional studio lighting and backdrop, which require a little extra floor space.

  • How many prints do the guests get?

    Unlike machine photobooths, where each group receives either 1 or 2 copies of the photostrip, because our photobooth is person-operated, for every group that goes into the booth, we print out one copy for each person! That means groups of 4 get 4 copies, groups of 15 get 15 copies, and so on. For events where the Scrapbook option is requested, we print one extra copy on top of that to be used in the scrapbook.

  • How early do I need to reserve my date?

    The earlier, the better! Shoot us an email and we’ll let you know if the date is still available! If it is, you’ll have priority for the date for 2-weeks while you research & compare your photobooth options and we figure out together whether we’re a good fit for your event or not.

  • Do you charge for prints?

    Nope! We don’t want your guests dealing with placing orders, finding change, or anything that would distract them from either the main focus (you!) or keep them away from the simple fun of taking pictures in the photobooth! So, as mentioned above, everybody who takes pictures gets a copy of the printouts and, after the evpictures that were taken available online (in a password-protected gallery) for downloading free!

    So not only do you receive a DVD of all your pictures to use however you like, all the images from your event will be easily accessible to your guests on our website, forever. Finally, we also place some of our favorites our Facebook page to keep your guests talking about all the fun they had at your event!

  • Ok, I’m sold! How do I get started?!

    To get started, just head over to our contact page and drop us a line with the details of what you’re looking into (ie.which package) and the date you’re interested in. That’ll get the dialogue going and we can start hashing out the details of the timing, location, and things like that. After all that is set, we’ll put together a service contract for you to review, sign, and mail in with your deposit to reserve your date. Once that is taken care of, we’ll work on finalizing a design for the logo that will go on your photo strip printouts (if applicable). Finally, we’ll just need some logistic details (parking, loading/unloading, etc) and we’re all set for your big day!

    All that will be left to do is to enjoy the moments on the day-of. Leave it to us to capture tons of awesome memories for you and your guests. Then, look for a package in the mail with everything that’s included in the package you selected and start thinking of ways to share and use those captures! After that, we wish you the best and hope to see you again at another event of your friends and family!

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